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Current version Logger_1_7_0 - download (4th May 2017)

Source code of Minos is also available from the Sourceforge developer site.


MS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Minos is supplied as a .zip archive. No installation is necessary, just unpack the files in the archive to a convenient folder - eg. C:\Program Files\Minos. Then create a short cut on your desktop to MinosLogger.exe


Minos will run under Wine on Linux. The following installation instructions were supplied by Steve G4AUC and have been tested on Ubuntu and Fedora but should work on other distributions.

1) Install Wine from your distribution's repository and check it works by selecting: Applications>Wine>Programs>Accessories>Notepad

2) Make a directory on the virtual C: drive. Extract the files in the .zip archive to this directory preserving the directory structure. I have assumed:
C:\Program Files\Minos

On Ubuntu you can use:
Applications>Wine>Browse C:\ Drive

On Fedora 10, open the file manager, click
View>Show Hidden Files
navigate to:

3) Create an applications menu entry:

Right click on Applications, select Edit Menus
In Menus: click on Wine
Click on New Item
in the dialogue that appears enter:

Name:  Minos
Command: sh -c 'cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Minos && wine MinosLogger.exe'

Case and spaces are significant.