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External Links

This page contains some related links to Minos and amateur radio.

Mike Goodey's website - for information on earlier versions of the program.
Bracknell Amateur Radio Club - for which the program was originally developed.
RSGB VHF Contest Committee - contest calendar and rules, a lot of related contest information, contest robot and on-line entry submission.
RSGB main site
VHF Contest.net - for Region 1 VHF contests, run by Ondrej OK1CDJ
UK Microwave Group - information on microwave contests.
EDR VHF Committee - for specification of the IARU Reg1Test contest format used in Minos.

General links
Wikipedia article on Contesting - good background reading
The Maidenhead Locator system, as used in many VHF contests.
MMANA-GAL- excellent free antenna modelling software to optimise those big yagis.