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Minos is a logging program for many VHF and UHF amateur radio contests written by Mike Goodey G0GJV. It offers support for most RSGB and Region 1 events, with real time or post event entry and production of an entry log file for submission to the adjudicators. More information about amateur radio contests can be found from the links page.

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*Region1 Test (.edi), G0GJV (.gjv), .minos, Google Earth (.kml), summary


In March 2008 Minos was made Open Source under the BSD licensing scheme. Minos is still a Beta product and development is a never ending process, however the current version is stable and can be used now. Further development will be under the Open Source initiative at Berlios Developer, follow the links to find more about the current state.

In April 2014 the Berlios platform was closed. This website and the project files have now been transferred to Sourceforge.

More on the history of Minos, and its predecessor GJVLog can be found on the history page.


If you use Minos and want to discuss the program or have any problems with it you are encouraged to join the project discussion mailing list on Yahoogroups. Either visit groups.yahoo.com/group/G0GJVList/ or send a blank email to:

Alternatively email for any Minos program and software issues.

Comments on the Minos website (only) should be sent to .